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September 1

08:30 pm ~ presentation
09:00 pm ~ premiere

September 2

04:00 pm ~ screening
09:00 pm ~ screening

September 3

11:00 am ~ screening
05:30 pm ~ screening

Santa Maria Elisabetta
al Lido

Riviera Santa Maria Elisabetta, 3
Lido Venezia


The Movie

One tale of courage that can shake one’s conscience
A man, a woman, and their families. The fastest and most systematic genocide in history. He is Hutu, she is Tutsi. He must kill. She must die.
RWANDA, 1994

April 6th, 1994: the small african republic is turned up by one of the swiftest and most systematic genocides in history: one million dead in just 100 days. Augustin is a Hutu and he has to kill. Cecile is a Tutsi and she must die. But something is giving them the strength to do the right thing and to perform an act of courage not to be forgotten.

What happened on that bloody spring is going to change not only Augustin’s and Cecile’s lives, but two young actors’ as well, who will play them after so many years on a stage. A real story, actual, mind-shaking, emotional and moving.

SONY & Arri
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  • Rwanda

    Directed by Riccardo Salvetti

    DOP: Massimo Gardini

    Editing: Matteo Santi

    Soundtrack: Davide Caprelli

  • Mixing: Corrado Magalotti

    Makeup: Apollonia Tolo

    Costume: Biondi / Lanchais

    Decoration: Arte Italiana

  • With

    Marco Cortesi

    Mara Moschini

    Aaron Maccarthy

    Rosanna Sparapano

  • A Production

    Horizon Srl

    MC - Teatro Civile

    Ass. MOKA

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