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Berlinale Talents

Reduce dal prestigioso Durban International Film Festival il nostro regista Riccardo Salvetti viene intervistato da Berlinale Talents, il talent scouting department della Mostra del Cinema di Berlino: un’occasione imperdibile per raccontare che cosa ha portato alla realizzazione di “Rwanda”, le sfide, gli ostacoli, le soddisfazioni ed il futuro di un film indipendente diventato un successo internazionale.


The day, the part of it I’m willing to recount, ended as it began—with Mo Scarpelli somewhere in the picture. The Anbessa director was there at the media room at the Elangeni, all sunny behind her glasses, chatting excitedly to the boyishly cute Riccardo Salvetti in the cocoon they seemed to have weaved for themselves in the swirl of conversation that engulfed the room.

Hours later, under a Durban sky that had darkened much too quickly, she walked down Oliver Tambo Drive, from Marine Parade Garden Court where we were housed, past the Elangeni and onto the Maharani, where the closing dinner of the 2019 Durban Film Mart was holding.

Salvetti was walking down Oliver Tambo Drive too, caught between the rapid fire of Scarpelli’s American English and the more manageable cadence of my Nigerian one. I walked between them, conducting the conversation and briefly wondering how interesting it was that Scarpelli rhymed with Salvetti. Anbessa, a documentary set in Ethiopia, had been optioned for an unprecedented three-broadcast run on RTE, the Franco-German media juggernaut—I’d successfully deduced the Alsatian origin of a stunned RTE commissioning editor on the ride from King Shaka International Airport when I arrived Durban. Moving forward, Scarpelli, I learnt, was making a meta film about a Venezuelan director […]